DIY Gifts from the Kitchen: The Market’s Homemade Holiday Treats

DIY Gift from the Kitchen: The Market's Homemade Holiday Treats

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread joy than with heartfelt, homemade gifts from your kitchen? At The Market, we believe in the power of sharing good food and the joy it brings to our loved ones. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through creating delightful DIY gifts for everyone on your list using quality ingredients you can find right here at The Market. Happy gifting!

For the kids: Hot Cocoa Mix in a Jar

Spread smiles this season with the gift of Magic Hot Cocoa Mix. This is a delightful gift for the cocoa connoisseur in your life, especially the pint-sized ones with a sweet tooth! Packed in a jar, it’s a hot chocolate party waiting to happen.

Full instructions and ingredients for this chocolatey gift can be found here.

For the Family: Signature Jam or Preserve

This holiday season, gift a jar of homemade sweetness with DIY Jam! Crafted with love, this is your ticket to creating a delectable jar of fruity goodness for the ones who matter most—your family. Whether it’s a classic strawberry jam or a daring blend of mixed berries, the choice is yours.

Full instructions and ingredients for this spreadable fruity gift can be found here.

For the Neighbors: Cinnamon Sugar Cookies

This season, delight your neighbors with a taste of warmth and cheer! Cinnamon Sugar Cookies are your secret ingredient to spreading holiday joy (even to the Scrooge next door). Your neighbors will thank you for the sweet surprise, and every bite will be a reminder of the warmth you’ve shared this holiday season.

Full instructions and ingredients for this sweet classic cookie can be found here.

For your BFF: Rosé Gummies

This holiday season, treat your BFF to a taste of festive floral magic with homemade Rosé Gummies. This gift of holiday spirit(s) squished into a gummy bear is the ultimate collision of the candies we devoured as kids (and, let’s be real, still do) but an adult version. Cheers to your BFF with this creative boozy gift!

Full instructions and ingredients for this bottle poppin’ candy can be found here.

This holiday season, let the spirit of giving shine through with these delightful DIY gifts from The Market. Whether you’re poppin’ bottles for Rosé gummies, baking a batch of cookies, or crafting jars of hot cocoa, the love and care you put into these creations will surely be appreciated by friends and family. Visit The Market to find the finest ingredients for your homemade gifts, and make this holiday season a celebration of good food, warmth, and shared moments. Happy holidays from The Market!