Valentine’s Day Inspiration (That Isn’t Chocolate)

Halloween trick or treating, Christmas treats, New Year’s truffles… anyone else feeling like chocolate has run its course? If you’re trying to do something a little different for your Valentine (or they’re really sticking to their resolutions this year), there are lots of options to get for your special someone that aren’t of the cacao variety. Here are a few you can find right a The Market near you!

Heart-Shaped Sugar Cookies

Still sweet, but then again so is your Valentine. Grab some from the refrigerated aisle to pop right in the oven or get all the ingredients you need to make, cut, and bake your own. Bonus points if you write a sweet message on top with icing!

Make-Your-Own Pizza

Pizza night, but make it romantic. Whether you take the easy road and rearrange the pepperonis on your favorite frozen ‘za or stock up on all the things you need for a homemade version, it will be love at first bite.

Flower Arrangements

Tried and true, some fresh stems from the floral section will make anyone feel loved and special. The best part? Your sweetheart can’t eat them so they’ll be able to enjoy them much longer than any edible items (and if they do, well… to each their own, we guess.)

A Bouquet of Pink and Red Fruit

Slice strawberries to look like hearts, take a cookie cutter to fresh watermelon, and toss with some berries and cherries for a festive fruit bowl. Level up by serving it to your Valentine for breakfast in bed!


Our bakery sections are always available to help you celebrate! Call ahead at select locations for custom cupcakes, full cakes, or cookies. The effort and planning ahead make it extra special.

No matter how you choose to express your love this year, shopping for something special at The Market is sure to be the perfect way to show your appreciation! Take this post to your nearest location and get something on our list that’s perfect for your Valentine (or ALL of it if you really love them). Find your store here.