Switching Up Summer S’mores

Picture this. It’s a perfect summer night, you and your family and friends are gathered around the campfire. But there is one thing missing… S’MORES! Making s’mores to wrap up a long day in the sun just seems to hit different. The fun thing about s’mores is there are so many different ways to mix it up from the classic chocolate, marshmallow, graham cracker combo, to something more creative like throwing in some Nutella for a gooier and creamier bite! Next time you’re preparing for an epic night around the campfire, stop at The Market and load up on some of these out-of-the-box combinations to make your summer nights even more unforgettable!

Peanut Butter Lovers🥜

Whether you like your PB creamy or crunchy, smear your favorite on a graham cracker. Ditch the classic chocolate for a peanut butter cup and toast up your mallow. One bite of this peanut butter dream, and it will become a new favorite!

Berry Bliss🍓

This one is for people who like to keep it cool on a hot night. Grab your classic graham cracker but ditch the flame. Load up with your choice of marshmallow fluff or cool whip, and top with your favorite berries. Smash together and enjoy this cool sweet-tart treat!

Cookie Monster🍪

Grab your favorite kind of cookie and ditch the graham cracker. Layer your s’more as you normally would, but instead, make a yummy cookie sandwich. While eating, you will feel obligated to say “Om Nom Nom Nom”!

Nutella Dream😋

Leave the boring chocolate in the wrapper for this concoction! Load up your graham with some creamy hazelnut spread, smash your toasted marshmallow down, and bite into the gooiest bite of s’more you’ve ever had!

Next time you’re gathered around the fire, try one or all or even make up your own! Snap a picture and make sure to tag @mymarketstores so we can see all of your campfire creations!