Treat Yourself to Halloween Recipes with The Market

person putting a plastic vampire teeth on a donut

No tricks here! We love Halloween at The Market, and one of our favorite parts is helping our customers celebrate with their families: seeing you all come in to buy candy, pick out the perfect finishing touches for costumes, or pluck a pumpkin from the crates for jack o’lantern carving.

This year, we want to take it one step further by helping you create some sweet and spooky recipes to enjoy with your families all Halloweekend long! Grab a pen and your grocery lists, and take a look at some of our favorites below to write down the ingredients you’ll need!

  1. Breakfast: Vampire Donuts

Short on time? We’ll do most of the work for you! For these cute little nocturnal treats, just snag a dozen or so donuts from The Market bakery and put plastic fake vampire teeth in the hole. Grab some candy googly eyes from the cake decorating section and you’ve got some pastries that even Dracula himself would be impressed by!

  1. Lunch: Mummy Dogs

A fun little twist (or wrap!) on classic pigs in a blanket, simply snip crescent roll dough before wrapping them around hotdogs and baking to get the mummy effect of these cute little lunch bites. No googly eyes? No problem! Use dots of ketchup or mustard for eyes (or just tell everyone they’re sleeping). 

  1. Dinner: Jack O’Lantern Potatoes 

These ones are pretty self-explanatory, but that doesn’t make them any less fun! Get a bag of roasting potatoes from The Market near you, let the kids design faces, and have an adult safely carve them out before popping them in the oven! Serve with butter, sour cream, and chives for a side dish that’s so good it’s almost spooky. 

  1. Dessert: Classic Halloween Cookies

They may not get points for originality, but the memories made cutting out, baking, and frosting classic Halloween sugar cookies can’t be beat. You can find all the ingredients you need for the homemade version in the baking aisle at The Market, or for a shortcut check the refrigerated section for cookie dough and ready-to-bake options.

You don’t have to survive solely on candy to be in the Halloween spirit! For festive food that will help you stay spooky from Hallows Eve to Halloween night, visit The Market near you to stock up on all you’ll need for our favorites in this list. We won’t even make you say “trick-or-treat” to take them home with you. 😉🎃