Spring is in Season at The Market!

Hello, spring. We’ve been waiting for you…

…and we’ve also been waiting for some of our favorite seasonal fruits and vegetables. Well, we’re here to tell you that the wait is over! 

From the most robust asparagus spears to crisp, spicy arugula and more, peak-season produce has arrived at The Market! Yes, many ingredients are available year-round but you’ll get the best flavor, quality, and variety of options right now. Here’s what to add to your spring produce shopping list ASAP:

The ultimate spring vegetable, asparagus is a favorite of many for its flavor, texture, and versatility in recipes! It’s as easy as steaming or sauteing a few spears for a dinner side, or you can try adding shredded, raw asparagus to pasta dishes and salads!

You’re probably most familiar with artichokes when they’re combined with spinach and covered in cheese and butter (aka spinach artichoke dip), but they also make a nutritious side dish on their own! Try pan-searing baby artichokes–edible stems, centers, and all. 

If spring and summer were a vegetable, they would be rhubarb. It’s tart, refreshing, and often people love it or hate it, but don’t kick it til you try it in a variety of seasonal recipes! Grab a bundle from the produce aisle and utilize its pretty pink stems to give your baking recipes a taste of spring.

Often overshadowed by its cruciferous cousins like kale, lettuce, and spinach, arugula deserves its time in the spotlight thanks to its kick of spice and crunch that will liven up any salad! You can toss it in a salad, saute it, or add it atop a burger to add a distinctive, peppery taste that doesn’t require any dressing!

The best part about spring carrots? All the colors! The new season decorates our aisles (and your plate!) with purple, yellow, and orange varieties that taste the same as an OG carrot but will make your vegetable dish look chef-prepared. Pro tip: saute in butter and lemon juice for a side dish that’s colorful, indulgent, refreshing, and healthy all at the same time. 

Get ‘em while you can because spring radishes grow and produce rapidly, but last only a very short time. You can roast them (leaves, roots, and all!) or thinly slice them raw to add a bite to springtime salads. If you like the bite, the latter will suit you, as roasting or sauteing will mute their bitterness.

So, you heard it here first! Spring is in bloom at The Market and our fresh seasonal produce is waiting to go home with you. Color your plate with your next visit to The Market by adding a few of these to your cart. Which one will you try first?